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The gym in the shooting range with Fedo and TAT3D

The gym in the shooting range The videos related to the applications with the training dummy of TAT3D – FAITH which together with Enzo Meneghini , instructor of Krav Maga And operational shooting – today he will bring the gym to the shooting range. Because with FEDO you can train where you want and when you want! Buy FEDO now […]

FEDO accessories

FEDO accessories In this video we introduce you the accessories with which it is possible to equip ours FAITH in order to create further obstacles and training scenarios, all always in safety and aimed at what is your type of training. Discover now the accessories with which you can equip FEDO!

Which dummy to choose?

How to choose a training dummy

How to choose a training dummy? On the net we found an interesting article / guide on what to consider when choosing for your martial arts training. We provide you with a brief abstract here: “Martial arts, boxing and all other combat sports are now very popular also in Italy, where thousands of fans spend […]

TAT3D presents you FEDO

TAT3D is proud to present its latest creation to you FAITH , the first dummy mannequin for martial arts training, combat sports, military styles and close combat. Fedo is the mannequin dedicated to hand-to-hand martial use where a sportsman or an operative can express their skills in hand-to-hand training: the sportsman of combat disciplines will […]