Fedo Knife


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FEDO KNIFE is for all martial artists and security professionals who are looking for a professional and realistic tool for their edged weapons training.


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FEDO KNIFE is a special Dummy dedicated to all martial arts practitioners and security professionals who are looking for a professional and extremely realistic tool to implement their training with sharp and pointed cutting weapons.

As with FEDO, FEDO KNIFE is also a realistic training system.

In FEDO KNIFE you will find a valuable tool and partner to train with, which will allow you to develop and improve all your striking combinations, without limits except for the legs, which are not set up for this model.

You will be able to hit FEDO KNIFE on the trochus and head; in addition, the arms and body during the exercises swing recreating a situation of strong technical and emotional realism.

You will be able to equip FEDO KNIFE with a range of accessories such as gun, knife, machete, and stick, allowing you training in self-defense and disarming techniques.

These are just a few suggestions, because other potentials of FAITH KNIFE you will discover with your martial skill and imagination.


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