The company and the product

Fighting Dummy


TAT3D is a patented idea by Adriano Peccini, gained over many years of experience in the field of tactical training. Fundamental to the realization was the support of the family business, the PECCINI SILVANO and F. snc , dynamic and technologically advanced company in the field of mechanical modeling and industrial molds .

The product was designed and created not from flat shapes, but from the scanning of human models by optical scanners. This has been associated with the complex process of reverse engineering and CAD design made possible to achieve an extremely realistic and effect of proportions and shapes three-dimensional

The concept

TAT3D is a Target system very close to reality thanks to its scalability that allows you to create very realistic scenarios. Training suitable for selective shooting, dynamic shooting, Close combat and today thanks to Fedo also hand to hand and sidearms.

Why 3d vision

The visual process thus acquires a 3D image, consequently the following action becomes a result close to the dynamics of real life situations and extremely useful in operating environments; TAT3D is mostly based on this concept, read more about it Science, technique and psychology of combat .

Why realism

The reaction takes place on a 3D target with the identification of a target that represents the human being and the movement around it, thus leading to the choice of having to hit it, transmitting extremely realistic sensations and emotions. .