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Adriano Peccini , paratrooper, affiliate ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association), Krav Maga Kalah instructor (Krav Maga-Lothar-Haganah).

Adriano Peccini - TAT3DThe KMK it is today the upper and advanced step of Krav Maga. KALAH is an acronym that stands for Krav Maga, Lotar (Fight Against Terrorism) and Haganah (Survival). The KMK was born and developed on the experience of the operators of the Israeli special unit “Sayeret Golani”.

Based on current and effective defense techniques and tactics, it is constantly updated by direct operational experience applied daily in the field. Primary and fundamental philosophy is the physical integrity and protection of the operator in a critical situation of high risk or of the civilian in daily life.

Adriano started practicing Krav Maga in 1996 and later graduated IKMF instructor (# 30803-05) at the EIKM school in Geneva directed by master Philippe Kaddouch. He was then trained as an IKMF Instructor of VIP Protection and Security Agent directly in Israel by Chief Instructor Gabi Noach at the IKMF Training Center in Natanya.

Currently registered and recognized by the IKMF International Federation. In 2005 he obtained the 1st level of KALAH, directly from Idan Abolnik. In 2007 at the Golani Specialist Security training and security company in Pretoria (South Africa) he carried out an intensive specific Law Enforcement course on Cqb continued and further deepened always in the Pretoria training center in March 2008.

In October 2008 he was appointed the first Kalah instructor in Italy. JUDOKA for thirty years, Adriano Peccini has been a 2nd Dan instructor of this traditional martial art. He has participated in numerous Italian and absolute championships obtaining excellent placings.

Between 1999 and 2004 he practiced KICK and THAI-BOXE . She is also an athlete of the SAMBO Italian National Team and Technical Teacher recognized at FILS (Italian Sambo Fighting Federation) , as well as European Union Champion of Sambo 2005 category 74kg and the only Italian athlete who fought in the COMBAT SAMBO at an international level, obtaining as a maximum result, a 3rd place at the 2006 European Championships.

Creator and developer of three-dimensional targets TAT3D employed in training by many European and extra-European police forces and by Italian special departments, he constantly updates them on operational feadbacks and direct experience in the field.




2nd Dan of Judo
1st level by Kalah
IKMF Instructor (# 30803-05)
SAMBO instructor