Fedo – the dummy for Self Defense by TAT3D

Fedo Self Defense

FAITH is one special Dumm y dedicated to all martial arts practitioners And security professionals who are looking for a professional and extremely realistic tool to implement their trainings.

FEDO is a realistic training system.

In FEDO you will find a valuable tool and a partner to train with , which will allow you to develop and improve all your combinations of strokes, without limits and in every lethal part of the human body.

You will be able to hit FEDO in all its parts : from head to legs; moreover the arms and the body during the exercises swing recreating a situation of strong technical and emotional realism.

You can equip FEDO with a series of accessories such as pistol, knife, machete and stick , allowing you a training in self defense techniques and in disarmament techniques .

With FEDO you can also combine shots to the trunk with a series of precise kicks in the genital areas to deepen Self Defense systems. .

Practicing combat sports you will be able to practice techniques of “clinch”, hits combined with high kick and low kick, both external and internal; pass and close the arms to enter with elbows and use various techniques-combinations on short distance, etc..

With FEDO you can train and prepare yourself and in the best way possible for your sport.

“These are just a few suggestions, because other potentials of FAITH you will discover them with your martial skill and imagination. “

[Adriano Peccini Founder TAT3D]


Train wherever you take it;

Hit it with intensity in total safety;

Train the accuracy of the shots on the exact anatomical points;

Hit an oscillating target while avoiding the position of his hands;

Accessorize it to train disarms or attention to a certain object;

Use it for ground combat by removing the trunk from the pedestal and legs;

Use it as a PAO with the help of a companion by disassembling the trunk and inserting the appropriate handle on the back;

EVERYTHING your fantasy will be able to produce!