Rob Operator – for shooting with firearms

Rob Operator by TAT3D
Rob Operator 2
Rob Operator and an example of customization.

A police officer, a security guard, a professional soldier or a simple citizen who believes his or her life is in danger cannot exempt himself or herself from continuous and rigorous training whose purpose is to prepare for combat.

The choice is yours, if you have chosen one of the first three professions you are already in it; if you are just a citizen you can run, hide, lock yourself in a cage, or fight back.

To do so, however, one has to be prepared, and shooting on a 15×15 square in a shooting range with headphones and superhero goggles on is not the same as waking up at 4 a.m. to the sound of broken glass or having to go in with a team while breaking into a “poorly attended” apartment.

“With proper training, exercise and conditioning, we can achieve abilities that seem impossible to others. I believe there is a whole world of possibilities waiting for us-all the things we can teach our warriors. Stress acclimatization involves dosing precise amounts of stress alternating with recovery phases, and repeating these cycles with a specific cadence. You have to allow time for adaptation; it takes the right amount of training, repeated over time, as conditioning and reinforcement.”

Ron Avery – sport shooter and firearms instructor.

TAT3D provides training through realistic three-dimensional targets with human likenesses; these, together with the many accessories made available, are able to recreate all possible scenarios that an operator or ordinary citizen may face, including the presence of hostages and/or ordinary bystanders.

TAT3D - priority engagement accessories

In this way the shooter finds himself immersed in a hostile environment that requires choices, who to shoot first for example, whether at the distant target with a pistol or at the target at 2 meters with a knife.

This repeated form of training over time helps memorize techniques, makes them faster, and most importantly, makes them automatic:

at first you will have to think about what you do during training, in time you just do it.