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FEDO by TAT3D - Train your techniques

TAT3D is an Italian company that has been operating in the sector for years law & enforcement , mainly supplying military and police forces around the world with its firearm training dummies.

FEDO e Arti MarzialiFrom October 2020 has also developed a dummy dedicated to hand to hand combat , useful both for the student of classical or sports martial arts and for the operator who can in this way train techniques with bare hands or armed (blow weapons or simulacra of blades).

What differentiates FAITH from the competition is that FAITH , as for the whole range TAT3D , it is a professional training tool, it is robust, it is flexible and allows you to hit the entire human anatomy with force and precision, something that no other product in the world does today.

FEDO, as for the whole TAT3D range, is a professional training tool

With FAITH you can

  1. Train wherever you take it;

  2. Hit it with intensity and precision in total safety;

  3. Train the accuracy of the shots on the exact anatomical points;

  4. Hit an oscillating target having to avoid the position of his hands from time to time;

  5. Accessorize it to train disarms or attention to a certain object;

  6. Use it for ground combat by removing the trunk from the pedestal and legs;

  7. Use it as a PAO with the help of a companion by disassembling the trunk and inserting the special handle supplied.

The one on which TAT3D we particularly want to draw attention to is the versatility of FAITH: a tool that can take the “shape” of the person who is going to use it, You, with your experience and special training request that you will give to FAITH What we envisioned during the design process: TRAIN YOUR TECHNIQUES.



Anyone can use it, but unlike the other training tools, FEDO it will serve to develop your ability to knock down the opponent , it is not a toy or a fitness tool:

  • With a lot develop breath and power, with FEDO the power will be directed to a precise anatomical point and your breath, trust me, will steal it all from you.

  • With a wrestling dummy you will be able to study the fight on the ground, fedo presents only the trunk with the arms and the head but this will allow you to study the ground pound and the control of the arms and any contorting objects in the hands of the landed subject .

  • With a real mannequin you can only work on the trunk and head without all the rest of the anatomy and the possibilities that FEDO offers you.

  • With a PAO you can move and hit, with FEDO you can do it on precise anatomy .

The opportunities of FEDO are countless and limited only to your creativity and training needs.

FEDO e Armi da Botta FEDO e Self Defense

We conclude with our presentation video, and as with all our proposed videos, we do not want to teach you any techniques, we do not want to sell you any defense courses, we do not want to show you how good we are, we just want to present the product, maybe wrongly, but to do it properly you can think of it.

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