Training with sidearms

Fedo Knife by TAT3D
Fedo K - the dummy for sidearms
Fedo K - the dummy dedicated to the white weapon.

The knife was the first tool used by man, rough, maybe just a chipped bone or a piece of flint, but in fact it has been with us ever since.

Over time it has become an increasingly advanced and important object, today it is still the travel companion of both the hiker and the professional soldier.

The characteristic that has kept unchanged since its origins, however, is not this, but its danger, the terror it is able to instill and the frightening damage it is able to inflict: u A knife is not a bullet, a knife is a sharp piece of metal that takes a piece away from you every time it collapses on you.

With this premise it is not possible to take knife defense lightly, but before learning to defend yourself you must learn to attack, only then, after understanding its capabilities, the potential for damage it is able to inflict and the difficulty in handling it, we can begin to learn how to defend ourselves.

All this is not possible, however, without another important premise, namely that it is not possible to train with a fake knife.

The use of a sharp weapon with a penetrating tip is the prerequisite for a realistic handling useful to achieve the above, however there is no way to carry out a workout effectively, nor to develop the right mental attitude. , limiting ourselves only to hitting an imaginary opponent.

Col Moschin knife - Extrema Ratio
Col Moschin knife - Extrema Ratio

You have to train in a real way and with a mentality suitable for the fight. “

Danilo Lajolo di Cossano – knife master author and Italian martial art historian

Our dummy from the Fedo K series suitably modified, it is able to receive both the cutting and point blows of a real and sharp knife, it will be able to convey the sensation of impact and provide you with a realistic target with which to study the techniques learned by a trained instructor.

Once again with TAT3D a realistic and effective training tool.